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Phone Accessories & Skinning

February 13th, 2010

If you’re looking for inexpensive accessories for your phone, I recommend these recent purchases I’ve made:

Beanbag Cellphone Chair from ThinkGeek. My iPhone loves sitting propped up next to my computer at work where I can keep an eye on it. It’s very important to see Facebook push notifications immediately when they arrive. ;)

Crabble Folding iPhone Stand
, also from ThinkGeek. It’s not as nice as the beanbag, but it just fits in my Golla mobile bag which is convenient so I always have it on hand. Would be great for traveling too.

So I’ve been itching to skin my iPod. It’s scratched to hell on the back anyway, thanks to the wallet-style case I kept it in which obviously allowed debris to get caught inside and scratch it, so I figured, why the hell not? I just can’t decide which design I want. My iPod is black, so I figured I’d get something dark too so if any of the iPod shows through, it won’t look as bad as if I had chosen a light design. Here’s my favorites:

Tweet Dark
Crowd Favorite

I’m leaning toward the last one as it has a Cure-ish look to it, but I can’t make a decision.

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