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Relaxing Weekend & St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th, 2010

This past weekend was pretty low-key. We saw a movie on Saturday, She’s Out of My League, which was actually better than either of us was expecting. We were planning on going to a hockey game (the Chicago Wolves) in the evening but felt too lazy to bother. Good thing we hadn’t pre-ordered the tickets.

Sunday we went to the Chicagoland Home & Energy Expo but it completely and totally sucked. It turned out to be a big room in a hotel full of tables where people were trying to sell services or products. I was hoping to get ideas on how to remodel our bathrooms upstairs but I felt like you do when you walk into a furniture store and all the sales people attack you. So we were in and out within five minutes. Thank goodness it was free!

We ended up at the IKEA nearby instead. This one is not our regular IKEA so it was interesting comparing the layout between the two. I prefer our IKEA actually, but we did come home with a few items, including some chocolate bars and cookies. Too bad they both suck!

We had lunch before driving back home and spending the rest of the afternoon relaxing.

And now it is Wednesday, my glorious work from home day! We’re going out for dinner with some friends to celebrate the holiday, which is really just an excuse to have a good time. Looking forward to a Reuben sandwich, though, since I hate the cabbage part of corned beef and cabbage. :)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day whether you’re Irish or not!

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