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VW is trying to rape me

November 21st, 2003

Boy am I glad Joe found this link – Fix a cracked coil pack. My Jetta’s coil pack went out when I had only 23,340 miles on my car. Luckily at the time my car was still under warranty so I didn’t pay a dime. Well, my car is acting up again. Same symptoms as before and I know it’s the coil pack. We scheduled a repair and oil change tomorrow, but I just cancelled it. Now I can sleep in tomorrow. Yay! The oil change wasn’t quite due yet; it was just convenient since my car was giving me trouble. Forget spending $500 on a poorly constructed part when we could possibly solve the problem for under $5.

The thing that really gets me is that VW has recalled a ton of coil packs, but not the one my car uses. As if my car’s isn’t faulty. Yeah right. That’s why I need a second one only 25,000 miles later. What a bunch of crap. I hope this works. At the very least we’ll save the $150 in labor by putting on the new one ourselves.

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