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April 11th, 2010

I spent Easter with the flu this year. I woke up on Good Friday knowing something wasn’t right. I had a fever, chills, hot flashes, etc. So I called in sick to work and spent the entire day in bed not eating or drinking. I didn’t throw up, which is always a good thing, but I still had other stomach issues. I spent the next few days barely eating, feeling extremely tired, and sleeping a lot. We still tried to show the kids a good time while they were here, though. Friday evening E opened his birthday presents and enjoyed brownies instead of cake. Saturday the kids had an Easter egg hunt, and Joe made a nice Easter dinner (which I did eat a little).

Sunday after the kids had left Joe and I got around to coloring a few eggs. Things started off innocent enough, with us creating eggs with our names on them, and then making cute eggs, but they got progressively naughty, culminating with some vulgarity worse than posted here. Yes, we’re like children, thanks for asking.

Monday I was still feeling very lethargic and my stomach issues hadn’t completely cleared up, so I called into work again. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out sick for two working days in a row but I’m glad I didn’t push myself and go in. That usually backfires and the sickness lasts longer. I was pretty tired on Tuesday but as the week went by I felt better each day and I’m mostly back to normal now. I know this sounds terrible but I almost wish I was sicker a little longer so that I could have lost more weight. Being sick is the only time when I don’t have an appetite to battle!

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