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Annoyed by my DVR

April 28th, 2010

Comcast recently updated their DVR software and I really hate, nay, loathe, the new auto correction feature. It drives me even more crazy every time I use it. So much so, that I e-mailed Comcast about it. I figured I’d also complain about the new history feature too while I was at it.

First, here’s how two of the new features are described in the documentation I found on their website:

Second, here’s the e-mail I sent. I was much nicer than I was feeling considering my husband works for them. I wonder if I’ll hear back, other than some silly form letter.

Please allow users to disable the new DVR Auto-Correction “feature” because it is annoying! I don’t appreciate my DVR assuming it knows where I really wanted to stop when rewinding/fast-forwarding. I want it to stop when I click play. End of story.

Now instead of fast-forwarding once, I have to do it several times while my DVR tries to second guess me and put me at a spot I didn’t want. I really do not appreciate that. Some of us have good reflexes and can stop the DVR where we actually want it to stop. Now it’s a game trying to anticipate where it will rewind to so I can over fast forward to get the desired result. It is frustrating, and not a good user experience. The fact that you forced it on people instead of making it optional is what makes it even worse!

Trying to rewind is even more frustrating. If I am rewinding, why does the DVR fast forward a bit when I press play? It doesn’t make sense to me at all.

Also, the DVR History option is nice, but a bit of a tease. Why can’t it allow you to un-delete something that was deleted in error? Maybe within a given time limit since the data might be overwritten.

Please consider these changes. Oh, and next time a message warning people of the upcoming changes and then after the changes are made would be nice. You send messages for everything else but not something useful like this. I’m sure it would cut down on customer calls too, particularly if you directed users to the document explaining the changes in detail.

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