May 1st, 2010

I’ve always been a fan of Legos even though I lack the talent to put together anything great scene-wise. The fact that I once built a house on my own without the help of a kit was the highlight of my childhood. In fact I don’t believe I ever owned any official kits other than the small space vehicles with the figures, but I still played with them daily. I still can picture the big blue plastic container where I kept all my bricks.

Northern Illinois Lego Train Club

Last weekend there was a Lego Train show in the nearby town of Geneva so Joe and I checked it out. There was a line outside the building when we arrived, so we stopped down the street for some coffee to kill some time. Once we got there it had calmed down a bit, thankfully. At first I was disappointed, because we went into the 2nd of two areas of Legos. That room was rather dark and the scenes weren’t too impressive to me. But then we found the main room and all was good. We spent a lot of time walking around and around the huge table to take in all the little scenes, many of which were amusing, like the Starbucks billboard pictured here.

BigBucks Coffee

My favorite scenes were Chewbacca coming out of a porta potty, the ipod runner, and the scene from Hot Tub Time Machine. SpongeBob seemed to pop up a lot too.

The whole train thing doesn’t really thrill me that much, but the cute little scenes were well worth the $5 admission price.

Full photo set at Flickr

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