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Cavities & Apples

October 4th, 2010

Remember how we went to the dentist back in April? Well we finally went back last Tuesday to get our cavities filled. I opted for the white enamel filling which costs $175 because the insurance only covers mercury. No way I was taking a chance that it could affect my health. I’d rather pay. Joe went with the free option because he doesn’t give a shit. I was nervous about the experience having never had a cavity before, but I barely felt the Novocaine shot and the process, while uncomfortable, wasn’t painful at all. Joe has to go back next week to get his second cavity filled since they’d only do the one for some reason.

Saturday we went to the Long Grove Apple Festival. Long Grove is known for their festivals. In addition to the apple one, they also have a chocolate festival and a strawberry festival. It was rather chilly but we had a good time. The apple cider donuts from Apple Haus were awesome! So dense and tasty! The “donut on a stick”, which was dipped in thick chocolate, was well worth the inflated price of $2, let me tell you. The whole area is really cute. I wouldn’t mind going back on a non-festival weekend to explore and get photos of the changing leaves.

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