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Baking Brownies

December 13th, 2003

It’s been a busy weekend thus far. Yesterday we ran some errands, including getting some new books from the library (I’m reading a new book every week now that I spend less time online) and a trip to the grocery store. We went to Jewel-Osco, which we haven’t set foot in for a very long time. So long, in fact, that I (re)applied for their Preferred Card since I have no clue where my old one is or even what address and phone number they have on file. Gotta have that Preferred card, lest they rape you with their ridiculous prices.

The real reason I wanted to shop there was because they carry the No Pudge Brownies which are fat free. However, I couldn’t justify the cost of making one batch of brownies; the mix is $3.50 plus another $2 to get the yogurt you need to add to it. And since I refuse to consume anything with aspartame in it, I would have ended up buying the low-fat yogurt so there still would have been fat in the brownies. Joe spotted another box on the shelf – Krusteaz Fat Free Brownies for only $2.29 so we tried those instead. The result? Well …. I don’t particularly care for them. Maybe the No Pudge would have been worth the extra money after all. Perhaps one of these days I’ll splurge and try them. The other ones weren’t horrible … they just have a strange aftertaste to them. Maybe they are made with Mocolate. :p

This morning we took my car in for an oil change and then went to the bank to open up savings accounts in the kids’ names. We’re going to teach them about saving money and all that good stuff so they grow up to be responsible. For lunch we tried a Tai restaurant nearby and boy was their food delicious! My dish was made with peanut sauce, chicken, jasmine rice and steamed broccoli and Joe had a similar dish except instead of peanut sauce it was garlic. Mmmm. Love it, love it, love it!

When we got home we decorated our patio a bit. Can’t wait til it gets dark to see the end result. It’s hard to draw the line between tasteful and overboard, but I don’t think we’ve crossed it … yet. I really want to win the decorating contest! 1st prize is $100 gift certificate to Walmart. I would be happy even with 2nd or 3rd prize which is $75 and $50 respectively.

Now we’re just hanging out til a bit later when we’re going to visit the zoo for their holiday lights festival. Since we’re members we get in free, so we won’t feel obligated to stay out in the cold for hours just to get our money’s worth. I think I’m going to work out a bit before we go, though, since when we get back we’ve got laundry and a movie rental on the list.

God, do I love the weekends!

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