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Snowy Day

December 4th, 2010

Ugh. The first substantial snowfall of the season has arrived. Can it go away now? Once again my plans to visit Milwaukee Public Museum have been thwarted. I really do hope we get to go before the special frog exhibit ends.

Since we were snowed in (not literally), we tried to be somewhat productive even though we didn’t do too much before 11 am.

This is what I got accomplished:

Reorganized my recipe binder – I finally threw out the recipes I was hanging onto that I knew I was never going to try, making room for the recipes I have tried and liked but didn’t have room to file appropriately.

Created an Evite for a Roller Skating Party I’m putting together to celebrate my birthday next month – It’s been ages since I’ve roller-skated and I miss it. We’d have parties when I was in school and even though I didn’t have an outgoing personality, I always went because I loved to skate.

Reorganized the hall closet – It was getting pretty messy and I had to get a lightbulb to change out the one that’s “guaranteed to last 8 years” but only lasted less than 5.

Joe worked on my car. He was going to change the wheel bearings and brakes but only ended up doing the brakes because he couldn’t get the axle nuts removed. We tried calling a bunch of places to see if he could rent the appropriate tools but most places didn’t offer them, some were closed, and the one place that did have what we were looking for informed us how difficult it would be to get them off even with the tools they had available.

Thanks to Rental Max for their extreme helpfulness. One of the employees discussed the project with Joe for quite awhile. Talk about superb customer service! They didn’t have to help at all since we weren’t going to be renting any tools from them.

By the way, I’ve got another good customer service story to share. I contacted Hanes recently about some underwear I bought over the summer. I usually wear a size 5, but it was a bit tight, so I got a size 6. The problem is the crotch is like an inch wider in the 6. As if someone’s crotch is going to be that much bigger one size up! So I mentioned it and they asked for some additional details and are mailing me a check for what I paid for the package of undies.

I noticed I’ve had good luck with my complaints if I’m matter-of-fact about the issue. Some people just send nasty comments and I don’t blame the company if they ignore them in that case. Although I will say I’m disappointed with Clean and Clear for never getting back to me when I expressed concern over them discontinuing my favorite foaming face wash. I guess you can’t win them all.

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