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January 15th, 2011

Earlier in the week I received the Kindle case I ordered off Etsy. I had bought an ugly boring case at Borders the week before but I started feeling like it didn’t do my cool device any justice, so I took it back and ordered this awesome case instead. It’s really beautiful, well-made, and the perfect size, plus it cost only slightly more than the case from Borders.

Kindle Case

Why do companies use finishes on their devices that show fingerprints so easily? The front of the Kindle is great, but the back leaves much to be desired. Luckily Joe bought a skin I wanted for my birthday, from DecalGirl, so it’s not as bad, although it does still show some fingerprints, but they are easier to wipe off the skin. I only used the back skin because I’m not sure I’d like the feel or look of one on the front. And you have to be very careful applying the back skin because if you’re just a little off it affects how the page buttons react when pushed.

Kindle Skin - Back

Apple has always been a big offender when it comes to fingerprints on the back of their devices, so I always keep my iPhone in a case. I’ve been using the iFrogz Luxe Original cases (I have them in three different color schemes – magenta/black, neon green/black, and purple/black), but lately I’ve been using the Big Bang Theory case Joe got me from ThinkGeek for Christmas. The nice thing about it is there’s a bit of wrap-around onto the front of the device whereas the iFrogz cases don’t feature that, plus it’s easy to grip. The negative is it can be tougher to put in and out of the Golla carrying case I use because it’s so rubbery.

iPhone 3GS Case - Back Golla Case

I’ve been using the same Belkin carrying case for my iPod Classic since I got it three years ago (and the device is still going strong with no issues despite daily use), but about a year ago I bought a skin for it from GelaSkins. I like it because it has a Cure-like look to it.

iPod Classic Skin - Front iPod Classic Skin - Back

iPod Classic Case

One thing I’ll note – I never use a screen protector on any of my devices, with the exception of my Canon Powershot SD870. I just don’t like them, and I’m careful to keep them face-up or in their respective carrying cases when not in use, so it’s never been a problem. I hope I don’t jinx myself by bragging about the lack of scratches on their screens!

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