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January 7th, 2004

Well it looks like the mini iPod is not in my future. $250 is way too much money for 4 gigs when you can get an additional 11 gigs for only $50 more. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I was really hoping that I could get a nice player with a 2GB capacity for under $200 since I’ve seen 256mb players for the same price, but I guess not. This is precisely what frustrates me about Apple – they have very nice products but they charge too much. Kinda like Sony and their tendency to charge $100-$200 more than their competitors for the same exact product. Oh well, no biggie. I don’t have a huge need for a portable MP3 player anyway, but it would have been nice to have. I just can’t justify the cost.

For now I will stick to listening to music on my PC with the very cool new version of Winamp. It’s got a lot of nice features and I love that Modern skin!

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  1. January 7th, 2004 at 20:14 | #1

    By the way, happy birthday!!!!!

  2. January 7th, 2004 at 21:18 | #2

    Happy Birthday!

    That’s exactly the “debate” going on right now about Apple. I love macs or else I’d give up but that’s just me. Their educational discount really pisses me off, it’s only $50 off their regular pricing. Wow, a person could almost pay for a whole textbook with the money they’ve saved. Alot of people expected a lower priced iPod and it’s too bad Apple is choosing to go this way.

  3. Candi
    January 13th, 2004 at 10:12 | #3

    Apple is not for tightasses, that’s for sure. But those of us who know and love their products know they’re worth it.

    The mini iPod, however, is not worth it, for the reasons you mentioned. I was expecting it to be around $150. Apple is hoping that people will go for the regular iPod, anyway. People who buy the mini will just be doing it for novelty purposes. And that’s not going to be PC users– it’ll be loyal Apple fans with money burning a hole in their pockets.

    Even the novelty of this one is lost on me, though. I was also expecting it to be TINY. It’s not all that much smaller than the regular iPod. I’ll keep my Rio I got for Christmas and use that. It just sucks that I can’t use any of my purchased iTunes music on it.

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