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Silly Rabbit, Tricks Are For Kids

February 27th, 2011

Remember the gift basket my mom made me for Valentine’s Day? Included in that basket were a pair of gloves. I put them in my purse and a few days later went to put them on when I became baffled. You see, one side has rubber balls on it for gripping, and it turns out my mom had accidentally given me two right-handed gloves. I called her and we laughed about it. The gloves were sold separately, and she had bought two pair, so she had two left-handed gloves at home. She mailed them to me and I received them yesterday along with this note (click to see a bigger version).

Another amusing thing that happened recently was what Joe did at Petco yesterday. We were checking out the ferrets nearby a guy who was buying a rat to feed his snake. Except Joe didn’t put two and two together (he didn’t notice the guy was holding a big bag of snake bedding), and assumed he was buying the rat as a pet. Joe asked the guy if it was his first rat and then went on to explain how we have one at home. Obviously the guy wouldn’t care since he viewed the rat as food, but I’m not sure he was really understanding what Joe was getting at anyway judging by his response which was that his snake was getting so big he’d soon be feeding it chickens.

I’ve been totally giving Joe shit about his observation skills since, quoting him, “Is that your first rat?” while he rolls his eyes at me. Luckily he’s a good sport and was ok with me posting this entry because I found the whole thing highly amusing.

When we got home I promised Templeton I’d never feed him to a snake. I don’t know if I could ever own a snake (they are boring anyway) because of that. It doesn’t bother me feeding crickets to my toad because they are nasty insects, but a cute little furry rat? Don’t think so.

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  1. February 28th, 2011 at 11:30 | #1

    Ugh. I was at Petco one day and a guy was looking at one of the “black bear” hamsters…you know, the regular teddy bear ones that are black so they mark up the price. I did the same thing and asked if he was getting it as a pet as the employee filled out the paperwork. He told me no, he was getting it to feed to his snake. He said he liked to get the hamsters because they “put up a fight” and apparently, that was very entertaining for him. I turned and hurried away to the back of the store where I proceeded to unexpectedly burst into tears. Ugh.

    I rarely go to Petco anymore. I started doing some price comparisons and found Petco markups to be so high. They sell the dry dog food I buy for $6-$8 more per bag that a couple of smaller chains in our area, who also do not sell pets. My Ami came from a Petco and lived a good long life, but I’ve had to point out sick guinea pigs to them before, which distressed me.

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