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Car Karma

January 22nd, 2004

I think I have bad car karma or something. It seems like whatever I complain about car-related comes back to haunt me. For instance, I hate SUVs. They (well more like the people who drive them) annoy the heck out of me and I bitch about them a lot. So of course it’s fitting that a young girl in a SUV was the one to hit me. I also have an aversion to white cars. I just don’t like them. So guess what color my rental car is? Yep, it’s white. Not that I had a choice. It was that car, or pay extra out of my pocket for something else. I don’t think so.

I dropped off my Jetta at the body shop on Tuesday and Enterprise gave me a white Kia Rio. Ew! I apologize for those of you who may own this car, but when you’re used to a Jetta GLS with a V6 engine, and you get a car with a MSRP under $10,000, there’s a noticeable difference. That poor 4-cylinder just drags! There’s just no acceleration at all. Plus I’m so not used to manual door locks and windows you have to literally roll down (not that it’s an issue with this freezing cold weather we’re having). I will give it credit, though – the car warms up quickly, which is a must for a winter in Chicago. But I miss my poor Jetta and can’t wait to get it back. Hopefully in a week and a half.

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