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Happy Spring

March 23rd, 2003

Well today more than made up for my disappointment with last weekend. We started the day by dropping the kids off at their grandparents’ apartment. Then we came home, got ready, and went to Walmart. It still amazes me that the one store I used to despise is the one I now like the most. It just makes more sense to shop there because it’s more affordable than other stores. We spent over an hour in there because besides regular necessities, we had to get Easter gifts, a birthday gift for my cousin’s daughter, and birthday gifts for Joe’s son. Oh, and we had to get more dvds (but of course). After that, we had lunch and went to the Schaumburg nature center.

I really wasn’t expecting anything worthwhile, but I was surprised to come home with quite a few photos I like. You can check them out here. It was a beautiful spring day; something we had been missing for many months.

When we came home, Joe swept the patio and put the border fence back up to keep away the geese. I’ve really grown to hate Canadian geese. They are mean, dirty, and stupid. I chased some away with a broom today so the ducks would have a chance to get something to eat. I’d be happy if I never saw another Canadian goose as long as I live. They should go back to Canada, damnit. Haha.

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