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June 22nd, 2011

I’ve had my Jetta for over a decade and unfortunately it’s starting to cost more and more to maintain.

My latest trip to the dealership came with a recommended $2900 of fixes. Interestingly enough, the most important fix, $800 to replace my coil springs, one of which they claim is cracked, has not been an issue since the visit. If the crack was causing the clanging sound I was hearing how come I haven’t heard it even once since I took my car in? Not only that, but they claim the spark plugs need to be replaced even though Joe did that last year. It makes me wonder.

This has prompted us to start discussing whether it’s time for me to get a new car even though ideally we wanted to wait another five years.

The problem is I do not like the current Jetta because it looks like a Passat. I’ve been leaning toward a 2-door Golf because I like how it looks, plus it’s got the same engine as the Jetta so I’m pretty sure I’ll like the handling (although I’ve yet to take one for a test drive). The price isn’t bad at $20,090 and that includes heated front seats which I absolutely must have; I use mine constantly from October-April. With the Jetta you have to buy a more expensive trim (the Jetta SE) just to get the heated seats because it’s not available on the base model. In addition to that, it’s part of a “convenience package” that costs an additional $1365 and includes stuff I don’t care about (like Bluetooth capabilities), and the SE only comes with leather seats while I actually prefer cloth. Whereas on the Golf the heated front seats are part of a $225 cold-weather package and I’d get the cloth seats I like. Less price and all the features I want. That’s a win-win. I’m just not sure I’m ready to make the financial plunge that comes with it, however.

All things considered, if I do get a new car it will most likely be a Golf because I’m really not interested in going with another manufacturer based on price alone. Plus a lot of them don’t offer heated seats. Seriously? More money and a cold tushie? Where’s the sense in that?

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