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June 22nd, 2011

I took Amy and Templeton to the vet today because Amy’s head is tilted to the left side and Templeton has some sores on his back feet and fur loss. $133 later and I’ve got oral antibiotics for both and a cream for Templeton’s feet. The sad part is the medicine totaled $35; it was the cost to see the vet that was outrageous. I had to pay $49 each when I swear it used to be cheaper, not to mention I thought Amy would be free since they used to not charge for any pet’s initial visit, but I was informed they stopped doing that a year ago. Sucks to pay $49 on a $5 animal, but hopefully she will feel better.

By the way, I will never buy mice again. They stink up the cage no matter what I do. It’s too much work for very little return, so they better enjoy themselves as my only mice because I won’t be doing that again. In fact I think I’m going to go rodent-less once all my current ones are gone. I need a break from all this cage cleaning.

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