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February 28th, 2004

Last night after work we stopped at Blockbuster so I could rent the first season of Sex and The City. I watched the first two episodes and realized – I’ve seen them! I only hope one of the episodes on the dvd is one I have not yet seen, or that was a waste of money. I really didn’t think I had seen all the episodes, though, but now I’m confused as to which season I didn’t see.

We also went to the library to get some new books. I’ve been doing a lot of fiction reading the past year or so which surprises even me as I had stopped reading fiction altogether a few years ago. I guess I’ve reclaimed the enjoyment I get out of reading a good story.

Before heading home we also grabbed some Chinese food from the best place ever – Peking Express. I’m glad we thought of it as they aren’t open on the weekends. =(

Then we did laundry while we watched tv and read blogs.

Our apartment looks like a disaster area at the moment. See, the past few weeks they’ve been installing new doors and windows throughout the apartment complex. In fact, they put in a new living room window and sliding patio door in our apartment a couple of days ago and they are coming back next week to install a new bedroom window.

Well yesterday we got a note that said anyone with a storage area that had a window in it had to have the aforementioned area empty by March 1st. Thanks for the two days notice! Good thing we weren’t away for the weekend or had the kids.

So after browsing the local mall today for a couple of hours, lunch at Long John Silvers (ahhhh … those chicken planks are to die for … they totally remind me of my grandparents because they used to take me there all the time), and a trip to Walmart, we came home and emptied our storage area. Yea, of all four available units, we got stuck with the one that has a window. So of course all that stuff is in our dining room at the moment. Thank god our dining room table is really just a card table and chairs, which were actually still folded up since we had moved them for when they replaced our sliding patio door.

I had wanted to go through our storage stuff at some point this year anyway, so Spring cleaning just happened a bit earlier than I had originally planned. The good news is that we’ll have enough room for our bikes this year because we reserved a small public storage unit where we’ll be storing a bunch of empty boxes and Christmas decorations tomorrow when they open. We also put aside a bunch of stuff we’re going to sell at a garage sale we’re organizing for the summer, including some stuffed toys of mine.

I guess I could take this opportunity to mention that if you might be interested in any of the following items, email me and we can work something out. I’m looking to get rid of an old Brother word processor, a HP color scanner, some cheap computer speakers, a Snoopy snowcone maker (don’t ask me what I was thinking getting that in the first place), and a bunch of stuffed animals, including two select Beanie Babies in mint condition with tags still attached.

I am so tired at the moment. Tomorrow is going to be another hectic day as we’ve got grocery shopping, a trip to Target, another trip to Walmart for some plastic storage totes (I’m so excited to be able to organize our stuff even more … it’s a disease I have), and the public storage thing to take care of. Plus we plan on stopping by the nature center since it’s supposed to be a nice day. But I’m not complaining because I love being out on the weekends. Some people look forward all week to spending the entire weekend on the couch in their PJs (ahem, Joe) but I’m not one of those people.

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