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A nice long day

February 29th, 2004

It feels like it should be 6 pm already … not that I’m complaining. We were up at 7 am today, which is a bit early for a Sunday when we don’t have the kids. But we had things to do … and it has made the day seem longer so it’s nice.

First we went to Target for a few things, then to the grocery store to load up on the normal weekly staples. After dropping the stuff at home and having breakfast, we headed over to Public Storage to store our empty appliance boxes. They pushed hard for us to buy the insurance, but nothing in there is of enough value to warrant that, so we declined. We were worried about the 5×5 space being too small, but after unloading the van of boxes, we only filled it up about 1/3, so that’s cool.

We stopped at Kohl’s so I could return two rings I bought yesterday. I really liked them, but they were too big. They didn’t feel too big when I tried them on, but they were attached to a backing which makes it a bit difficult to gauge the true fit. They didn’t have any rings in my actual size (7), so I got two pairs of earrings instead.

Then we went to Walmart to get some Rubbermaid storage totes. We dropped those off at home and headed over to the nature center for a bit to say hello to the owls and falcons, then headed back home again.

I was excited to pack some stuff into the new storage totes and while I did some reorganizing of the closets, the kids toys, and the stuff that’s gotta go into storage, Joe started making a huge pot of homemade chicken soup. He also has homemade banana bread in the oven. My man is a good cook!

I also cleaned off the patio as there was a bunch of plaster and loose nails around from when the guys put in the new windows. I’m sure our lovely upstairs neighbors also just sweeped their garbage over the edge onto our area too. We get so much junk from that and the wind vortex that sends empty cans, takeout containers and various other junk onto our patio. So that’s all clean now and I filled up two bird feeders because I miss our little feathered friends.

So now we’re just relaxing. I doubt we’ll do much else today. It’s gorgeous out so we have the windows open and there’s a nice breeze coming in. I’m thinking we should have some lunch and settle down with a good book.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday!

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