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Bath & Body Works & The Olive Garden

December 4th, 2011

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Bath & Body Works because their merchandise is overpriced and their staff relentlessly bug you whenever you enter a store. That being said, yesterday I figured I might as well redeem the coupon I found through Slickdeals for some free lotion.

Not entirely surprising, no one was aware of the promotion and they didn’t have the 2 oz. lotions in stock. Luckily they gave me a 5 oz. bottle for free instead which is better than many other people who tried and were turned away and told “no substitutions”. It’s really unfortunately when a company runs a promotion and fails to communicate it to their staff or have supply on hand. It’s just bad customer service and can also be seen as bait and switch.

As for the scent, I do like it, but not enough to buy any more. I find all their scents get a bit annoying after repeated exposure. Plus I STILL have lotions and body washes I purchased well over five years ago. They tend to last forever since I can’t tolerate them for long before going back to a regular lotion you can buy at Target.

Another place that’s low on my list of places I frequent is The Olive Garden. I’ve never disliked their food, I’m just not big on Italian food in general and prefer to make my own. For some reason I got a taste for them this weekend, however, so after Bath & Body Works we had an early dinner at the St. Charles Olive Garden. Joe ordered the stuffed chicken marsala and I had the 5 cheese ziti. I’ve had it before and really like it. Their salad is good too, but the breadsticks are just ok. I’ve heard people rave about them but I just don’t get it. If you’re looking for really good bread sticks try Gino’s East instead.

Dinner was relatively inexpensive thanks to a $5 coupon and some left over credit on a gift card we originally bought to be used at Red Lobster. I really didn’t need the extra calories but I’ve got two seafood meals and a chicken salad planned for this week’s dinners so it should all balance out.

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