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Dumbass = Me

March 13th, 2004

Do you want to laugh your ass off at my stupidity?

Well awhile back, I was looking at the payment coupons for my car loan, and noticed the last coupon was for December of this year. So I told Joe, “Check it out, only a year more of payments and the car is paid off.” He suggested we use his company bonus, which got paid out on Friday, to pay off the loan so we’d have that extra money monthly to add into our Money Market account.

So a couple of days ago I called the bank to see what the pay-out amount was on my loan, and the girl told me $10,006. Before I made a complete fool out of myself, I asked her what the length of my loan was. “It’s 60 months,” she said, and then, “You have 33 payments left”. Doh! So I said, “Oh, so that means at the end of the year I will receive another coupon booklet?” “That’s right,” she replied, “Would you like the address to send the payoff to?” I told her no thanks.

I don’t know what either one of us was thinking. I had just taken that loan out in January of 2002. What made me think I was almost done paying it? It would have been nice to have that money for our future mortgage, though. Now it’ll be another three years before it’s paid off.

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  1. March 13th, 2004 at 18:49 | #1

    I remember when you first mention paying off your car and I thought, didn’t she just get that car? and she’s already paying it off?? But then I decided you must have left a really good deposit on the car to pay it off so quickly!

  2. Candi
    March 18th, 2004 at 10:33 | #2

    LOL That is pretty funny!

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