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Anti-consumerism and anxiety

December 16th, 2011

Is it weird that I don’t want anything for Christmas? I’ve been looking at the deal sites just because it’s fun but nothing makes me go “oh, I wish I had that”. Does that mean I have too much? Or am I depressed? I know I’m stressed out a lot right now due to some changes at work, but I’m not sure why that would make my desire to consume disappear. Maybe it’s the articles I’ve been reading about having too much stuff.

Incidentally, I went through the five Christmas decoration bins I have in the garage and am going to be giving away some of the stuff that I never use. I have one bin that is nothing but empty boxes, tins, and bags for gift-giving. I probably won’t have to ever buy gift bags again! I’m still using Christmas cards I bought years ago too.

I think the one thing I’m looking forward to is just the time off to (hopefully) clear my mind of work for awhile and relax because January is going to be a hell of a busy month for me.

On a related note, I’m back on Xanax. Ugh. I was only taking it if I had a panic attack but now I’m back to a pill a day. Mind you, it’s a quarter of a milligram which is nothing, but that little bit helps.

Why can’t I be one of those relaxed people who doesn’t get phased by anything? I’m the exact opposite and I hate it. I want to be calm at all times. I guess I can make that a 2012 goal.

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