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December 25th, 2011

Thursday was our last day of work until this coming Wednesday. My employer gave us Friday and Monday off for the holiday, so Joe took off Friday and then we both added Tuesday to extend our time off.

Friday I started cooking while Joe went to pick up the kids. Shortly after arriving they opened their presents and we had our Christmas dinner a few hours later. Standard fare applied, including the Archer Farms spiral honey ham which I’ve grown to love.

Saturday evening we took the kids to my parents’ to celebrate which was really fun and then dropped them off at home on our way home since we don’t have them on Christmas Day this year.

Today we didn’t do much. We couldn’t wait (seems to be a yearly theme), so we already exchanged our presents yesterday morning. I bought Joe a Mr. Coffee Single Serve (Powered by Keurig brewing technology) that he had been eying for months. The cheapest we had seen it for was $80 at JCPenney which would have been $70 with the coupon I had, but then I found it on Amazon for $64 so I got it for him even though we originally agreed to only exchange stocking stuffers. He got me a few different things including the soft kitty t-shirt from The Big Bang Theory but it was too small so we gave it to K. The rest of my items are in the pic below. The gift card is my big gift as it will cover a one-hour massage and then some. And with the way work has been going lately there’s no doubt I’ll be needing that soon!

Gifts from my husband

This evening we went looking at Christmas lights and got home just in time for the Bears game which Joe is watching now.

Now that we’re all caught up I’m going to log off and play Words with Friends with my brother and the kids. :)

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