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Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

February 20th, 2012

I feel like all we did this 3-day weekend was gorge ourselves on (mostly) good food.

Friday evening we stopped at Meijer and picked up two whole roasted chickens for dinner. The chickens seemed to have more meat on them than Target’s version, so even with the kids in attendance we only ate one. We ended up taking the other one and shredding it to make chicken salad the next day; it was soooo good! I also made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner on Saturday and my meatballs came out extra yummy for some reason.

Sunday we met up with an old friend for breakfast and I tried Eggs Benedict for the first time. OMG, they were delicious! Later that day we brought pizza and fried chicken over to my parents’ house to celebrate Brother #2’s birthday.

Today we went to the outlet mall where I scored a nice sweater from The Gap for only $12 and then afterward we had lunch at a Thai place I had bookmarked. The soup, egg rolls, and crab rangoon were so good that by the time our main dish was served we were both nearly full.

I’m surprised that I’ve only gained a single pound this weekend with all the food I’ve eaten. The sad part? I’m feeling hungry right now, so if you’ll excuse me…

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