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Head in hands

June 19th, 2004

We just can’t catch a break with this whole neighbor situation. Our old neighbors moved out last weekend. Seeing as how we’ve seen apartments in this building sit empty for two weeks or more before they were even worked on, we were thrilled to think we’d have peace and quiet for a few weeks. Obviously, someone up there does not like us.

Management started working on the apartment immediately. Thursday we were woken up by them putting new carpeting in. And yesterday, our new neighbors moved in. They loudly moved their stuff around until 1 am, and woke me up at around 7 am this morning moving stuff around. Nice.

And despite what I asked of management, no one re-tightened the floorboards when the carpeting was removed, even though it was a perfect opportunity, so we have more creaking floorboards.

It just never ends, does it? Why I ever thought living on the first floor was a good idea, I’ll never know. We are never going to get peace here. And maybe I expect too much, but I find it extremely rude to be doing loud banging before 9 am on a weekend. But apparently that’s just me, because everyone else around here doesn’t give a shit that other people live in this building too.

Now if only Joe’s ex-wife could make up her mind on where she plans on living with the kids, we could start looking for an appropriate home. We can’t even start looking when we don’t know how large of a space we’re going to need. I’m tired of living my life around her and everyone else. I’m ready to strangle someone. People better stay out of my way today, because I’m ready to explode!

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