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Frugal Easter

March 25th, 2013

As I removed the Easter decor from my storage tote last weekend I realized I had nothing to put up on the front door which I found odd. All these years and I didn’t have anything to hang there? So the quest began to find something inexpensive but cute. The first stop was Kohl’s. Sure, they are usually overpriced, but often they will have holiday decor 50% off, which they did, but the only cute thing they had this year was an Easter wreath that was regularly $35 and there was no way I was spending $17. Target didn’t have much that was appealing either, but I scored at Walmart. I got this glitter egg for only $2.

Glitter Egg

They also had a 4-pack of little glitter bunnies for 97 cents so I put them between other decor on the mantel. Aren’t they cute?

Glitter Bunnies on Mantel

As far as food goes, I ended up getting 2 dozen eggs for only 45 cents after sales and coupons so we can color a bunch when E comes over. I found a ham for only $6 at Meijer whereas the same size ham was $17 at Target. Sure, it’s not pre-sliced, but who cares? It also didn’t come with any glaze but I found a recipe online that I plan on using.

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