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April 1st, 2013

Wow, that ham I mentioned in my last post came out better than I expected. Instead of getting the Archer Farms spiral ham like we usually do we got a shank ham from Meijer. I made a glaze from a recipe I found on Pinterest and the ham came out moist and delicious! I will never buy a precut ham again because they always come out dry.

Easter Ham

Yesterday morning I gave E his Easter basket (which he liked, especially the baseball cards and Darth Vader candy holder) and found that Joe had made me one too. I was so excited because holidays make me feel wistful – I want to be a kid again and get excited about the little things. Case in point – we colored eggs on Saturday which was pretty fun. This year we used Neon food coloring which I liked better than the egg coloring kits.

Easter Basket


I kept checking Cute Overload throughout the morning as I had submitted a portrait of Nougat last week. I was happy to see he was featured on their 11:11 post. I’ve submitted a few photos to the site over the years but this is the first one that actually made it on the site.


All in all it was a nice holiday.

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