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Food Pics

April 16th, 2013

Why do people bitch about other people taking pictures of their food, and in some cases go so far as to ban cellphone photography in their restaurant? Seriously, what’s the big deal? It’s called free publicity, people! Besides, people love food and likewise they want to share a memorable meal with others. I see nothing wrong with that and therefore I’m not a fan of this blog for poking fun at people doing it, referring to them as hipsters.

Maybe if all you ever photograph is food and you’re posting it all over Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram daily I could see how that would be annoying to others, but the occasional food shot is no big deal. If the restaurants are truly concerned about it disturbing others (although how is that any different than people taking pictures at a restaurant or bar during a get-together), then ban the use of flash, but really, I haven’t even noticed it when I’m out so I have to wonder if it’s the big deal some people are making it out to sound.

Personally, I like taking quick pics of my meals so I can post them along with a review on Yelp or my blog. I’d hate to find out someone was snapping a pic me doing so and adding it to a blog like the aforementioned one.

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