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Foster Trio

April 24th, 2013

Now that we have a dedicated cat room we took in three kittens on Sunday to foster while they prepare to be adopted. They are adorable but making a mess of the room because they have diarrhea and don’t always use the litterboxes (we have two set up; one makeshift from the bottom of an old hamster cage). Luckily the rug in the bedroom is old or I’d be more upset.

These kittens are little lovers in comparison to the the last two we had. They would run away when you approached them whereas this trio runs toward you because they want cuddles. All three of them are lap kitties for sure. Since they came straight from Chicago Animal Control to the coordinator’s home and then to us in the same day they hadn’t been named yet, so we got to name them. We decided on Peppermint (girl), Cilantro (girl), and Basil (boy).

Even though they seem to suck the time out of the day (from playing, to feeding, to cleaning up, to just hanging out and letting them all pile onto my lap), this current arrangement is so much better than before. Of course now when I open the bedroom door they rush it, and Peppermint keeps getting out, but it’s still less of a hassle than before. Once their diarrhea clears up I might allow them to venture beyond the bedroom but I’m definitely not doing that until I’m sure my good carpeting isn’t going to get pooped on!

Cilantro Cilantro

Basil Basil

Peppermint Peppermint

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