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Father’s Day

June 17th, 2013

On Sunday we picked E up at noon and decided to have lunch at Lone Star Steakhouse since there is one between his house and my parents’ (our final destination) in good old Crestwood, IL which happens to be one of my old stomping grounds. Even with a $5 off coupon our meal came to just over $60 (including tip), but damn was it good! I got the five star filet, E got a sirloin, and Joe got a sirloin with chicken breast. It’s probably a good thing that there isn’t a Lone Star by us anymore because I just love their steaks but cannot afford to eat there often, and much to my disappointment Discover card doesn’t offer a gift card via their cashback program for them even though they do for the inferior Outback Steakhouse.

Side note: I just ordered a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card from them and am looking to visit the newly built one that replaced the local Ruby Tuesday. I hope their food is good! We had their wings once several years ago so I can’t remember what they were like.

We killed some time after lunch by taking the “scenic” route to my parents’, including crossing into Indiana to get some gas and then riding past my grandparents’ old house (ahhh… memories – I spent my whole summers there for years). When we got to my parents’ we immediately headed to Brother #1’s room in the basement to hook up the new computer he had commissioned us to build him. He got the works, including new speakers and an HDMI monitor. I must admit, I’m slightly jealous, because there’s nothing better than a brand new computer, but I’m pretty happy with my machine overall so I really can’t complain. Plus we made $100 for doing the work. :)

After dinner and two rounds of Aggravation we had to leave to drop E off and get home at a decent hour since Joe had to work.

As for me, I’m still looking for work but not aggressively. I’m looking forward to the 1st week in July when Joe is off and E will be staying with us as we have a bunch of fun things planned and in years past I’ve always had to miss some of that time working. That being said, I spoke with a recruiter today and if she finds me something interesting I will definitely consider it but I don’t just want to end up at any old job. I have a feeling the right thing will come along. Despite how much I worry about money and the future (and trust me, I worry about it a lot), on the flip-side I’m actually optimistic that things will work out in the end and I will find the fulfillment I crave.

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  1. Jenniyb
    June 21st, 2013 at 22:20 | #1

    I really like Buffalo Wild Wings, although we don’t have one anywhere near Spokane… there is one close to my parents house in CO. I like their wings, but usually get their mini corn dogs.

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