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Misty Saturday

November 16th, 2013

After visiting the produce market this morning we stopped at Sonic to use a Groupon. We took the food to go and went over to the arboretum to drive around. We messed around with our phones’ camera settings to take a few interesting photos despite the gloomy skies and mostly bare trees.

Fall Leaves

On the way back home we stopped at the newest grocery store in the area – Mariano’s. It was hella-crowded so we only stuck around long enough to visit the gelato bar. A mini size, which is about the size of a large scoop of ice cream, is only $1 which is the perfect size/price for a little treat.

Other than making a nice meatloaf for dinner, we just watched TV the rest of the day, catching up with one of my new favorite shows, Shark Tank.

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