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August 19th, 2004

Woke up this morning and thought to myself it sure feels late. I turned to look at the alarm clock and it read 7:19. I start work at 7:30. Crap, crap, crap! I jumped into the shower and got ready as quickly as possible. Would you believe I made it into work only a half hour late? Not too shabby.

I only worked a half day today so I could go to the house inspection. The homeowners were home for that, so it was a bit awkward at first. Luckily the place is big enough that it wasn’t as bad as it thought it might be. Plus the homeowners pointed out how certain things worked such as the dual controls for the ceiling fan and recessed lights in the living room.

I couldn’t believe we ended up spending two and a half hours there. The inspector was very nice and thorough; he found some minor problems but nothing to make or break the deal.

After the inspection, we headed over to our mortgage company. We had received all the paperwork to sign a couple of days ago, but I wanted some things explained to us before signing. Earlier in the day the loan processor called to let us know that our loan was approved and the mortgage commitment papers were on their way. Woo hoo!

To celebrate all the things we got accomplished already, we went to Red Lobster for dinner. I had gotten a gift card through our Discovercard cashback award bonus, so it was free.

I hope the next two months go by quickly because I cannot wait to move! After spending over two hours inside that spacious place, I really didn’t want to leave. It gets so much sunlight unlike our dungeon of an apartment. I’m looking forward to our new life.

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