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Taco Hell

September 3rd, 2004

Dear Taco Bell Drive-Thru Employee,

When I ask for cheesy potatos as part of my order, and when I ask you to repeat back my order, and you say cheesy potatos, could you actually RING UP the potatos and put them in my bag? I’d really appreciate it.

Also, what’s with holding back on the hot sauce love? Could you at least ASK me if I want some? What is a taco without the hot sauce? It’s kinda blah, that’s what!

P.S. When I ask for ice water, I actually expect ICE to be in the water. Call me crazy. I know I’m so demanding that it makes your brain hurt. What was I thinking, actually expecting you to do a simple job?

Let’s ignore that I shouldn’t be eating fast food to begin with.

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