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Staycation – Day 3 – Sunday

July 20th, 2014

The alarm went off at 5:30 this morning because Joe wanted to go for a run. My alarm was set for 7 am but I couldn’t fall back to sleep, so by the time Joe got back from his run around 7 am I was showered, had eaten, and was ready to run errands.

Our first stop was the produce market for some fresh fruits, veggies, and lunch meat. We dropped everything of at home and then hit Walmart and Target for more food. After dropping all that at home we went to Aldi. Suffice to say, our fridge is now overflowing with food!

After rearranging the fridge and pantry to fit all our newly acquired food, I cleaned the fish tank. Then I decided to give Marshmallow and Milo a bath. I read that a shared unpleasant experience will help bond two rats. It didn’t work. Instead, after their bath Marshmallow tried to bite Milo’s nose but he ducked out of the way in time and I grabbed Marshmallow. I put Milo on my shoulder and he was shaking. Poor baby. I don’t understand why Marshmallow can’t seem to get along with other rats but now I’m worried I’m back in the same situation as before and will need to get another baby to keep Milo company and just leave Marshmallow by himself. This is nuts! I will continue trying to introduce them because I read for some rats it can take awhile, but I’m worried now since each encounter seems to end worse than the last.

I also gave the brother rats a bath and let them run around for awhile as they hadn’t had any out of cage time in days. It’s quite challenging finding time to let all four rats out for play time because these guys can’t all get along. I just don’t have three hours a day to devote to them which is why I was hoping after the brothers go to their new home I could get Marshmallow and Milo living and playing together so I’d only need an hour a day to set aside.

Shortly after bath time we left to go pickup E for his week with us. On the way there we stopped at the dollar store and Pet Supplies Plus. After picking E up we stopped at Half Price Books since we had a 50% off coupon. I ended up getting a tabletop ping pong game which came out to $2.49 after the coupon.

I made chicken parm meatball subs for dinner. E didn’t care for them as much as I’d hoped, but Joe and I loved them.

Now we’re planning on watching Blades of Glory since E has never seen it.

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