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Rat Update

September 2nd, 2014

On August 22nd, after a week of them having playtime together, I decided to put Gizmo and Milo into the Critter Nation cage together. Now they have two huge levels (each having it’s own sub-level) to run around in. Of course, they spend 90% of their time at the top level but what can you do? I’m just happy I have two rats who can get along. They play fight occasionally but nothing serious at all. I’ve even caught them sleeping together, and one day I caught Milo grooming Gizmo which was adorable.

Cleaned Cage

I moved Marshmallow into a smaller single level cage so he couldn’t harass the babies. I feel kinda bad because he was here first, but he is too aggressive with other rats and it’s not fair for the babies to be confined to a small cage while Marshmallow lives alone in the huge cage. He doesn’t seem to mind the smaller cage since he spends the majority of his time in his spacepod anyway.

Gizmo has grown so quickly that at first glance I can’t tell him and Milo apart until I look at their faces! I wish they’d stay small because while they are still cute full grown, they are more fun to handle when they are small, plus they don’t murder my skin with their nails when they climb all over me (which they both love to do).

Brothers From Another Mother

As for Doug & Steve, they are still here although the guy who is supposed to adopt them claims he’s just trying to get his hands on a Critter Nation. I just want them gone as I’ve been neglecting them over the two babies. I feel guilty but I only have so much free time and Steve is such a dick. He nips for no reason and I’m sick of him. I will miss Doug, though.

I’ve been concentrating on letting Gizmo and Milo get free-time with me so they remain as friendly as the day I brought them home. Marshmallow gets free-range time too, and even Steve and Doug get some, but it’s just not daily, or for as long as the babies. Plus the babies can be contained on the bed as they haven’t figured out how to jump off. That’s nice because then I don’t have to move the other rats out of the room while they are out whereas I do when I let the others out. I’ll just be happy when I only have three rats instead of five. I don’t know how the people I see online who have 10+ rats do it. Not only must that be expensive, but it’s gotta be a huge time suck if they are giving them all ample free-range time.

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