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I Wiied Like You Wouldn’t Believe

September 7th, 2014

This past week was rather weird because Joe was in Texas for work from Tuesday morning through Friday night. I got a taste of what it would be like to be single and I gotta say, no thanks. I mean, I can handle taking care of myself and all that, but I missed Joe. And texting just doesn’t cut it. We talked a bit on the phone but the reception in his hotel room sucked. I could never do a long-distance relationship.

Friday I had a friend over for lunch. I made my awesome baked mac and cheese earlier that morning for the occasion. Then we went upstairs so she could see the rats. After that we played on the Wii until she had to leave just before 3 pm. Brother #2 was working in the area so he came over shortly after and we went out for tacos and then played on the Wii.

Joe’s plane was delayed two hours so he didn’t end up getting home until 11 pm. E’s band played at the high school football game that night and his mom was supposed to drop him off after, but she called me just after Joe’s flight home took off to say she’d be dropping him off in the morning instead. I texted her shortly after to get a time and she replied 10 am. Surprisingly, he walked through the door at 10:01 am. To say I was surprised is an understatement!

We went to the library Saturday afternoon and got Angry Birds Star Wars for the Wii which was a lot more fun than I anticipated. I think we played it for close to two hours. I played on the Wii more this weekend than I’ve played all year, hence the title of this entry.

After dinner Saturday we made a special trip out to Sonic only to learn their half price shakes promotion had ended. Joe and E still got shakes, and I got a lemonberry slush since I’m lactose intolerant, but none of the drinks were as good as the last time we went. The flavor was fine but the consistency was off. I guess they did us a favor as we won’t be as likely to visit again anytime soon ($9 for three drinks is rather high anyway).

Sunday morning we all stopped for breakfast at a place called Stacked (they have amazing banana bread french toast) before dropping E off at home. Joe and I hate going out for breakfast because the food is a ridiculous markup compared to lunch and dinner (when you think about how cheap eggs and bread are), but agreed that we shouldn’t get up in arms about it since we rarely go out for breakfast (McDonald’s being an exception). It was funny because E usually orders orange juice at breakfast but only wanted water. I have to wonder whether he did that because he knows Joe’s thoughts about orange juice prices (when they go to McDonald’s they will bring orange juice from home for E). The best part, however, is that as I opened my wallet to get out my credit card I spotted a gift card for $100 I had forgotten we had, so breakfast was actually free!

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