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Stupid Celebrities

September 19th, 2004

Has anyone caught an episode of this season’s Surreal Life? The majority of the housemates are retarded, but I am even more embarrassed now to have liked Jordan Knight of The New Kids On The Block. He is such a DORK! It’s like all the confidence he had when he was with the New Kids is completely gone. It’s painful to watch him interact with anyone, and just floors me that as someone in the public eye, he’d be so insecure. Ick. Totally unattractive.

I was flipping through Joe’s copy of Razor when I came across this quote from Halle Berry in the Cutting Remarks section:

“We’ve become so obsessed with beauty and the fountain of youth. I’m really saddened by the way women mutilate their faces today in search of that.”

I don’t think I’ve ever been so pissed off just reading a quote from someone before. It’s so easy for her to say something like that when she’s one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in The World according to People Magazine. I wonder if she’d feel the same way had she been born with a big nose and a flat chest. Cry us a river, Halle. Personally, I think she’s conceited, and I really doubt she cares that people feel bad about themselves when she’s all over the world posing in her perfect dress with that look that says “Look at how hot I am”. I get the impression that she’s really not a nice person. Just call it a gut feeling.

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  1. Candi
    September 20th, 2004 at 21:59 | #1

    You think Halle’s mean? Every time I’ve seen her on shows she’s always seemed super nice and sincere. She hasn’t always had such a great life, so I’m glad she’s seeing success now. Seems like she deserves it.

    Have to agree with her on how sad it is that everyone’s getting plastic surgery, though. If it’s something REALLY bad, like a horrendous case of acne, I always understand, but surgery for strictly cosmetic reasons, like to change a boob size? That’s silly.

    Plus, for most people that have surgery, it doesn’t make them feel better about themselves for long, anyway. They just find 50 other things they want to “fix” because they’re so insecure. They need to work on their self esteem, not their outward appearance. How stupid if some woman died because she wanted bigger boobs. It’s just too risky. Unfortunately, it’s becoming mainstream, so everyone’s going to start looking like Barbie before too long. To each their own, though, I guess. If they’re willing to die to get bigger boobs I guess that’s their own perogative. ;-)

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