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I’m not packed and I don’t care

September 19th, 2004

We’ve got less than a month before we move, and before you ask, no, we have not started packing. I’m getting rather tired of everyone giving me grief over it too. I don’t get why people care so much, plus it’s irritating when they tell me I’m going to regret it. No, what I’d regret is having to live out of boxes for the next three and a half weeks while we wait for the moving date. Plus seeing as how we have a small place, where are these boxes going to go when we need all the space for the kids to sleep? Sometimes I really hate how other people think they know better than I do about my own situation. Seeing as how we have both the new place and our apartment for two weeks, I think we can manage packing “last minute”. I’ve done this before, and I know what I’m doing.

That being said, someone also mentioned that now is a good time to throw things out. I wholeheartedly agree, however there’s really nothing I want to get rid of because I do my best not to collect a bunch of crap I’m never going to use again. I did do a total reorganization of all my files today in order to free up some space for Joe’s files which are currently in his desk since he’s giving it to one of the kids. There’s something incredibly satisfying about throwing out a big bag of shredded documents.

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  1. Candi
    September 20th, 2004 at 22:02 | #1

    I always wait until the last minute to pack, too. I’m talking the day BEFORE. Hahaha. For the same reasons you mentioned– living out of boxes beforehand is really inconvenient. It’s bad enough having to live out of them for a few days while you UNpack!

    PS – I’ve never regretted waiting. As long as you prepare to work your ASS off and expect it to take twice as long as you think it will, you’ll be all right. Heh!

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