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September 12th, 2014

In other news, the rats have mites. I suspected it after seeing all the little scabs on Marshmallow, and then seeing a few on Gizmo as well. When I called the vet earlier in the week to make an appointment the receptionist was trying to tell me I had to bring all five rats in and pay the visit fee for each. Hell no! That would cost $310 ($62 per pet). I explained that when my former rats had mites the vet only had to see one and gave me enough medicine to treat them all (otherwise they will just keep re-infecting each other). She said I could try just bringing Marshmallow in so I made an appointment for 10 am this morning (which is why all my iPhone ordering stuff had to wait).

Of course, as I was driving to the vet it suddenly dawned on me that they asked to bring him in at 9:50 am. Whoops! I called to let them know I was running late and got there around 9:58 am. Oh, and poor Marshmallow was so stressed about the car ride that he pooped outside his litter box and even in his spacepod which is completely unlike him. He is actually the one rat who consistently uses the litter box.

Here he is waiting to see the vet.

Marshmallow at the Vet

Anyway, the vet concluded it was likely mites (they are too small to really find easily) and gave me enough medicine to treat all the rats twice. I had enough foresight to weigh them all since the dosage is based on weight. I was a bit surprised to see it was the canine version of Revolution since I read the cat version is the one to use, but when I questioned it I was assured it was ok.

I am now $81.22 lighter ($62.06 for the visit and $19.16 for the meds), but we got pet insurance on Marshmallow through Joe’s employer (I figured why not since it was only $6/month and Marshmallow was so sick when we first got him that he would likely get sick again) and based on how they explained it, I should be reimbursed $28.10 of the visit as there is a $50 co-pay for new problems and they cover the remaining charges at 90%. So in a way it’s even because I’ve already paid for the insurance for nearly 5 months. I guess it depends on how often they get sick. The nice thing is if I need to bring him in again they cover everything at 90% and there’s no co-pay. So it’s a gamble as to whether it’s worth getting the insurance I suppose. And he’s the only one covered under the plan.

Anyway, I do enjoy taking him to the vet because all the girls there are so nice and they love him. They always remark how cute he is and aren’t the least bit grossed out that he’s a rat. I wish more people were as open-minded.

Here he is all tuckered out after his “ordeal”.

Marshmallow Sleeping

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  1. September 12th, 2014 at 16:37 | #1

    Well I never knew an adult with pet rats so this is a first. Gotta say they seem just like a hamster or a gerbil. We has a gerbil and ginuea pig and a handful of other animals growing up. Now I just like living animal free (except my boyfriend has a cat so I guess that means I technically have a cat since it lives with us). I like reading these posts. Thanks for pointing me to your personal blog :-)

  2. September 12th, 2014 at 17:31 | #2

    They are similar to a hamster or gerbil but way better (in my opinion). I’ve never had a gerbil, but I have had a few hamsters, and the biggest difference between rats and a hamster is a rat will run to you and want you to pet it and pick it up whereas a hamster would rather you leave it alone and tends to run away from you. Rats have a lot of personality too, and are just sweet. They groom me (licking and scraping my skin with their teeth) to show their affection. They are definitely the best pocket pet I’ve ever had. I’ve had mice too and they are very similar except that they are incontinent and will poop/pee all over which is annoying. Rats quickly learn to hold it when they aren’t in their cage.

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