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Mom’s Birthday & Shopping

October 6th, 2014

Saturday we went over to my parents’ to celebrate my mom’s birthday (which was on Sunday). E was with us and because my mom broke her foot I agreed that we’d bring food, so we stopped at Palermo’s 95th to grab two pizzas and Harold’s chicken shack for some fried chicken. Upon arriving and opening up the chicken we found they had poured “hot sauce” (which was very mild) all over the chicken and some french fries they included. Joe didn’t realize they’d do that when he agreed to the hot sauce but luckily it tasted ok. I prefer KFC myself. We ended up playing Taboo and then Aggravation and just bullshitting until we left around 10:30 pm.

Sunday we went to Walmart and I finally found some new matching rugs for the dining room, kitchen, and laundry room. Four rugs (2 large, 2 small) only cost us $66 so who knows how long they will last. They don’t have rubber backing, though, so that could be good (no breaking apart) or bad (they will likely be more slippery).


I also got a new wireless mouse at Target because mine has been acting funky lately.

Cordless Mouse

I got a Dirt Devil corded stick vac for the kitchen/dining room since our Dirt Devil dustbuster sucks. The battery literally lasts 10 seconds on a full charge which is useless. I plan on throwing it away since replacing the battery would cost more than getting a new unit.

Dirt Devil Stick Vac

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