December 5th, 2014

This is a very interesting article.

As much as I love(d) my Kindle, it was getting very annoying trying to find the books I’m interested in without having to resort to buying them on Amazon. Not to mention how many times I’d start reading a book only to quickly lose interest. Was it because I chose the wrong book, or something to do with the lack of involvement when reading a screen as opposed to holding a solid book in my hands?

And let’s face it, digital lending through the library is not as easy as you’d think – there’s a limited number of copies of the book you want to read and the best ones are always unavailable.

On top of that, trying to find an interesting book online is a bit difficult. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but you have to admit that’s exactly what we do when trying to choose a book amongst many on the shelves, and this type of browsing is much easier (and fun) to do in person than online. You can feel the books, open them up to read a passage or two, and come away with something tangible.

So back to the library I went. I enjoy the trip because it’s like shopping without spending any money. Now I have a stack of books on my nightstand and have been blowing through books unlike before. Long live print!

P.S. My local library recently went through a renovation and the adult section is now set up more like a big computer lab with books and digital material surrounding it. The shelves are designed in a manner that makes browsing easy – everything is displayed more like you’re in a store which I enjoy. The one thing, however, that throws me off is the vending machines for coffee, soda, juice, and snacks. These items were always discouraged, if not outright banned, in libraries. It’s amazing how times change!

P.P.S. Apparently there aren’t any photos of the completed renovation online, at least that I can find. I might have to grab some next time I’m at the library.

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