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Things I will (not) miss

October 2nd, 2004

Now that we’re officially home owners, I feel I can post the little lists I’ve been compiling over the past few weeks. These are in no particular order, just as I thought of them.

Things I will miss about our apartment …

  • Our large bright bathroom
  • Being able to run the hot water in the bathtub for as long as I want since we don’t pay for it
  • The parks/wildlife in the neighborhood
  • Being able to walk to the Dominicks and library
  • The 15 minutes or less commute to and from work
  • Having a good chuck of change left after paying bills every month
  • Having all the stuff I order get dropped off at the rental office so I don’t have to drive to the nearest FedEx or UPS facility

Things I won’t miss about our apartment …

  • Having to collect quarters to do laundry every week
  • The apartment and our bedding sometimes smelling like cigarette smoke
  • The apartment building always smelling like cigarette smoke
  • Listening to the neighbor’s tv while trying to sleep at 11:30 pm
  • Hearing the upstairs neighbors’ every move
  • All the clutter in the apartment
  • Feeling cramped every other weekend when the kids visit
  • Only having one bathroom and having to share it with the kids
  • Not being able to paint the walls something other than white
  • All the doors in the apartment sticking in their frame and making loud noises when you open or close them
  • The lack of sunshine in the apartment
  • Not having a place to safely park my car and not worry about it
  • The barking frenzy that goes on in the yards behind our building whenever the dogs spot a squirrel
  • Having to store belongings in two different storage units, one off-site, due to the lack of storage space
  • The lack of cabinet space in the kitchen
  • The dangerous drivers going 50 mph down a 20 mph residential street where kids are always walking

And last but not least

Things I’m looking forward to once we move …

  • Having a real bed frame and bedroom furniture
  • Having my own bathroom to keep decorated nicely even when the kids are visiting
  • Keeping my car clean and safe in the garage
  • Having all my storage items be easily accessible and no off-site
  • Having more room to breathe
  • Having different colors painted on the walls
  • Decorating the walls with my own photography
  • Trying out our new fireplace
  • The kids having their own rooms
  • Having more cabinet space in the kitchen
  • Having a larger refrigerator
  • Having a pantry
  • Having access to a swimming pool in the summer
  • Living in a new neighborhood that I can explore
  • Being close to lots of shopping
  • Having a large comfy sectional couch in the living room
  • Buying a widescreen HDTV (eventually)
  • Being able to reorganize all our stuff and start over
  • Owning a piece of property
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  1. October 4th, 2004 at 09:00 | #1

    Oh the joys of home ownership.

    When we were first married we lived in a one bedroom apt. There was this NOISY family across the hall. They did everything at full volume.

    We were so excited to be away from them when we “bought” our house. Come moving day and they also were moving out. he he.

    The house was so quiet at night. It was actually difficult to sleep at first. We were so used to the street and neighborly noises.

    You should add: nice tax write-off to your list too – if you itemize…


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