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December 6th, 2014

I’m starting to feel like I want to break up with Starbucks. I don’t go there often but when there’s a deal I usually treat myself. Today I decided to try their hot chocolate, but since they use milk and I’m lactose intolerant (and wasn’t interested in trying the soy milk), I only got a short.


That’s my drink on the right. Apparently it’s also considered the child’s size.

Anyway, it was not very good and I was disappointed. My cousin later mentioned that she adds sugar to hers; I hadn’t even considered that but I’m guessing it would have improved it as it definitely wasn’t sweet enough.

It just seems like one of two things happen when it comes to Starbucks drinks:

1) It’s a huge disappointment.


2) I love it and later get the worst stomachache (even if I opt for soy).

So it’s just not meant to be. It’s not you (every time) Starbucks, it’s me.

But hey, I still entered the win Starbucks for life contest because Joe loves his vanilla lattes and I do like them too but I only take a couple of sips to spare me any intestinal misery later.

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