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The Weekend

December 7th, 2014

Joe’s flight back from Pittsburgh came in early Saturday morning, so when he got home we ran to Walmart and Target to get some shopping done. Later that afternoon we went back out to Home Depot for furnace filters, Meijer for some produce, and Red Robin for lunch. It was renovated fairly recently (sometime between now and August). It seemed a little more cramped than before, but overall it looks great. It was also super busy. They have an online reservation system so when you check in you can walk around the mall and they will text you when your table is ready. You can also keep track of your place in line via a web URL they text you when you first check in. This would be very cool, if they had not removed our names from the list without seating us! Luckily we happened to be right there when I noticed they were seating a party of 4 that had been behind us in line and that my name had disappeared from the list. I asked the hostess what was going on and she put us back on the list but not before another two more people were seated ahead of us. She also didn’t offer any apologies. Not cool, Red Robin! I understand mistakes happen, but an apology would have been nice. Luckily the rest of our visit was nice and their burgers, as always, were delicious. I’m hooked on the Banzai one.

Sunday we did nothing. We didn’t even leave the house. Well, technically Joe did to run to Aldi to get some pork sausage for breakfast since he was having a craving. We just watched TV all frickin day! It was good, but I also felt kinda crappy not getting anything accomplished. Of course, I more than made up for it today by cleaning the house and making some Hawaiian fried rice (best rice ever; I use SPAM instead of ham, though).

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