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Shopping & The 100

January 11th, 2015

Despite the hassle I had with Petco and the free gift card promotion they were running, I did eventually receive two free $5 egift cards from them which I made sure to use today since they were only good until the end of the month. I bought some cage cleaner and yogurt treats. The cleaner was on sale for only $9.09 instead of almost $13 which was nice. I don’t use it exclusively because I’d be buying a bottle monthly. I mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle I got from the dollar store and use that to clean the cages and then I spray the cleaner on at the end just to give it a nice scent. It’s a nice way to save money and still have the rats’ cages smelling good.

Besides a trip to Walmart and Target this morning, we also stopped at Ulta so I could return a couple of things (I got way too excited about $41 going back to our card) as well as Five Below since I had purchased two t-shirts for my brother for Christmas so he could choose which size he preferred. They only offer an exchange or store credit (which I knew about ahead of time), so I got store credit on gift card to be used later.

We had lunch at Chipotle and I used a gift card so it was only $1.16 out of pocket. Sometimes I feel like we eat out too much but part of it is just something to do instead of sitting inside at home all day. There’s not much to do when it’s so cold outside. I received a free movie ticket for my birthday from our favorite theater but nothing good is playing. I don’t think I ended up using it last year either because it seems like the crappiest movies come out in January.

Speaking of sitting at home all day, Joe discovered the series The 100 on Netflix Friday night so we ended up binge-watching the first season with E this weekend. Since it’s currently in it’s second season, there’s no way to watch the older episodes from that season yet. The CW’s website has full episodes online, but only #s 5-8 of the second season which sucks. Why can’t they put all the episodes on there for people to watch? Even Xfinity On Demand is only offering the most recently aired episode. WTH?

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