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January 26th, 2015

Saturday we decided to check out Round1, a new bowling and amusement center that was built in our local mall late last year. I invited Brother #2 and his girlfriend to tag along, so once they arrived at 3 pm we all squeezed in Joe’s SUV and headed out.

When we arrived, all the lanes were occupied but the guy put us on the waiting list and said he’d call us when a lane opened. We decided to purchase member cards since they cost $5 but also included 20 game credits and give you $1 per hour discounts on bowling and other activities. We hit the skee-ball machines (or ice ball, as they called them) first because I love me some skee-ball! We also played air hockey, shot some hoops, and my brother and his girlfriend played driving games while Joe and E shot up some aliens.

After awhile I was getting concerned because the 20-25 minute estimated wait window had definitely passed. Finally I went up to ask what was going on and they claimed they had called us a long time ago. The guy who had taken our name was no longer there and the girl helping us explained you have to stick around that area in order to hear them over the loudspeaker which we were never told. Not only that, but they really can’t just install speakers in the arcade section? I call shenanigans, but whatever.

Luckily there were lanes available at that point anyway, so we got set up. Joe opted out due to his back and after the first round E decided to bow out because it was aggravating a shoulder injury he had sustained in the car accident last March. So my brother, who amusingly enough, brought his own bowling ball and shoes, played E’s round as well as his own. He won, of course. I scored just an 86, which I can only remember because that’s the year my brother was born. His girlfriend came in last. But we all enjoyed ourselves!

Round1 Bowling Alley

The prices are reasonable before 5 pm on the weekends, so I’d be up for going again. I definitely want to take E back there so we can play pool and ping pong since we didn’t get a chance.

We mulled over whether to go out for dinner but opted instead to head back home where I made my delicious spaghetti and meatballs. Then we played Jenga & Aggravation. I may have played Jenga once or twice in the past but I can’t remember because it’s not my favorite game. We did, however, get up to 31 levels before Joe made the tower come crashing down!

In all, it was a fun night, even if Brother #2 aggravated me a bit with his pissy-ness when I first extended the invite because it was so last minute. Admittedly, it was – I texted him 10:30 am that day asking if they wanted to meet up between 1-2 pm. But in my defense, I brought up going to this place weekend and my brother said he’d check to see what he was doing this weekend and get back to me, and per his usual fashion, he did not. So there’s that.

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