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Day #2

October 16th, 2004

Another exhausting day is behind us. First we packed up the van and hauled some stuff over to the new place. Then we went to Lowes and bought 7 gallons of paint in various colors. Afterwards we braved the early afternoon crowd at Walmart. The lines were INSANE, but we needed primer (or more like thought we needed it, but since we didn’t use it, we could have waited until tomorrow … oh well). We also grabbed lunch before Walmart, so we didn’t start working on the place until 1 pm or so.

What we got accomplished –

Moldings taken off the perimeter of the kids’ bedrooms
Wallpaper completely removed from the boy’s bedroom
Kitchen cabinets cleaned inside and out
Wash machine cleaned inside
Dish washer cleaned
Pantry shelving cleaned

Doesn’t seem like a lot, but the wallpaper thing was quite time consuming. My whole body aches at the moment. It really sucks that I have to work this week because I’d love to spend the whole week cleaning and whatnot. I have a huge list of things to get done tomorrow and we have to break to drive down to the mattress store to pick up the twin mattresses we ordered for the kids.

Hopefully we’ll get an earlier start since we only need to make a quick stop to Walmart and Home Depot to pick out some Pergo for the dining room and carpeting for the living room. It turns out the living room carpet is a lot more stained than we originally thought. Not that we weren’t going to replace it, but now it’s a bigger priority.

Oh and we have to buy new molding because the previous owners used these long nails in it so it breaks when you pull it off the wall.

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