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Too Many Errands

February 23rd, 2015

What a busy day! It started with a stop at Speedway for coffee and hot chocolate and then we went to McDonalds since I had a BOGO coupon for Egg McMuffins.

We were placing our order at the counter when we heard this loud crash from the drive thru area. I thought maybe someone had dropped a coffee carafe because the drive thru employee jumped back at the same time we heard glass breaking. Turns out a lady in the drive thru couldn’t get her SUV’s window to open so she opened her door but forcefully enough that it made contact with the glass on the drive thru window and shattered it. Good times!

Our next stops included Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and The Container Store before heading to the mall so we could check out beds at the Sleep Number store. We really need a new bed but we’re having the hardest time making a decision. The Sleep Number beds are pretty nice but holy hell they get expensive fast. I was looking at their price list and their top of the line model is $10,000!!!! I’m not 100% convinced they are the way to go although we are leaning toward a much more affordable model in the $3000 range. That still seems excessive but if it really does last the 25 years in the warranty then it would be totally worth it. Problem is it’s only that price through the end of the month and then it goes up to around $5000. Ugh, I hate making expensive decisions!

After looking at beds we stopped in the Aveda store to cash in my birthday postcard for a free item. The employee had me choose my favorite scent among several options she added to my choice – a body wash, salt scrub, lotion, or body spray. I chose the latter but it turns out I hate how it smells. It’s different than what the bare scented oil smelled like, so that was a waste. I guess I’ll see if anyone I know wants it.

We killed some time at the mall and then had lunch at Happy Elephant. They have the best crab Rangoon so we split an order along with potstickers and happy wraps.

Next up was a doctor appointment to go over my sleep study results. Bottom line – study showed no abnormalities and other than keeping a sleep journal to help me determine what might be triggering me to wake up so often, and instructions by the doctor to not look at the clock when I do wake up, there wasn’t much to say. For whatever reason, though, after the first doctor and I spoke about the results, he said another doctor had to come in to examine me and I ended up waiting a half hour for him to show his face. After 25 minutes I left the room to inquire what was going on and the guy didn’t even apologize when he came in a couple of minutes later. Jerk.

On the way home we stopped at the library and picked up a few things from Target. I totally forgot to bring in return from the car and was too exhausted to even bother at that point. We also skipped dropping off our donations at Savers because we both wanted to just go home and relax. Neither of us slept well last night and we rarely run so many errands in one day so it took a toll on our energy.

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