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4K TVs & Puppies

March 23rd, 2015

Friday we headed to the mall to return a shirt I had gotten at Kohl’s recently since it had a hole in it.

We also stopped in FYE which we rarely do, but it’s fun to browse all the little pop culture figurines they sell there. It paid off too because I found some fun things on clearance that I bought for Brother # 1’s birthday next month.

This crazy looking thing is from Dumb Ways To Die.

Dumb Ways To Die Character

This is from the movie, Ted, and be warned, the things he says in NSFW!

After that we went to Payless where I bought a pair of purple gym shoes (or sneakers, if you’re not a Midwesterner). They were only $18.75 after my coupon. They are very light and breathable which will be great once it warms up and we start going for our daily evening walks again.

New Shoes

We stopped at Hobby Lobby where I ended up getting a cute bouquet of multicolored silk flowers for $4 since they were all on sale for 50% off. I’ve been getting more into silk flowers lately because they are great inexpensive way to change up the decor.

Multicolored Silk Flowers

Lastly, we stopped at Costco to pick up some staples. Fridays are the best day to visit Costco because it’s not busy but they still have the free samples. Score! We also came really close to walking out with a Samsung 4k TV.

We’ve been patiently looking at TVs for awhile now but can’t seem to pull the trigger. I love our plasma but now that Joe has been unable to fix the broken TV that was originally in our bedroom, we thought it would make sense to replace the one downstairs, move that into the bedroom, and then move the TV that’s currently in the bedroom back into the loft for gaming. I was ready to drop $1000 on the TV but after reading the Amazon reviews I’m not so sure that’s a great idea. I’m less concerned about it “only” being 60hz since nothing is broadcast in anything higher anyway, but people were complaining about how the light bleeds on the edges of the screen and even posted pictures. The thing I will say about our old outdated plasma is that the blacks are very black and I really have no complaints with the picture quality even though it’s not even 720p. But man, those 4k TVs look awesome, and owning a Samsung smart TV would be great. We could move the Chromecast upstairs, plus connect the Wii, PS3, Ouya, and Xbox 360 downstairs without having to switch HDMI ports all the time. Oh well… I’m sure we’ll find something eventually.

After dropping off our loot at home we headed south toward our old neighborhood to grab lunch at a Thai place I wanted to try. Then we killed some time by visiting the local animal shelter and looking at dogs. OMG the place smelled so bad! I’ve been to other shelters before, and this one smell-wise is the absolute worst. I do not recommend visiting it right after eating; it strongly smelled like shit and vomit and I almost puked.

The majority of the dogs there were either pitbulls or pitbull mixes. It was so depressing walking past rows and rows of kennels and seeing all the dogs get excited. They all had those pathetic puppy-dog eyes that tear at your heart strings. Eventually we came upon one kennel that housed a very large fluffy dog with the cutest face. He was very calm and friendly, licking my hand. I guessed he had to be a puppy from the way his fur looked, and sure enough he was only 10 months old. He was a beautiful Akita and St. Bernard mix. If we had a house with a yard we might have actually adopted him. I couldn’t stop going back to his kennel to pet him. Poor guy. The good news is I’m sure he’ll be adopted. I can’t imagine no one will want him. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for all the dogs there. :(

We killed more time by visiting the pet store and the local library before it was finally time to pick up E for the weekend. Joe and E wanted Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, so we hit the drive-thru before picking up a pizza we had ordered a half hour earlier. I never get anything when they go to DD, but I did try Joe’s drink and now I’m in love with the vanilla swirl iced coffee. Holy crap is it good! They recently added a bunch of ice cream flavors to their iced coffee offerings. I’m wondering how it would taste if I got it decaffeinated with almond milk to protect my sensitive stomach. I plan to try it one of these days.

Once we got home and ate dinner we let E stream YouTube videos to the Chromecast and then watched a movie.

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