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Damn You Old Navy!

March 23rd, 2015

Saturday was a pretty lazy day, although we did leave the house for a short time to visit Old Navy because I read they had their tank tops on sale for only $2. I am a self-confessed tank top addict* and I used to love Old Navy tanks. Unfortunately the style on sale sucks, so I got a bit irritated because it seems like every so often I get “tricked” into visiting that store and I never come out with anything. E got a couple of t-shirts, though, so at least one of us left happy.

We went to the Five Below next door where I found the perfect t-shirt for Brother # 1 for his birthday. Haha!

Five Below T-Shirt

Next we went to Half Price Books to browse and we found a super old version of Aggravation for only $1.20. The board is in excellent shape and the marbles are made out of glass.


Our last stop was the library to pick up a copy of Cloverfield since E had never seen it.

Sunday Joe and I went to Old Time Pottery to look for planters for the patio. Now that I’m 99% sure our neighbors aren’t dog-owning smokers, I’m pretty excited to spend some time outside and garden. I couldn’t find any long planter boxes, but we did find a really big square planter that we plan to transplant our large bush into since the one it came in is fugly.

I also found some cute silk flowers. I like the daffodils but I really love the pink blossoms! After Easter I will be displaying them in the living room.

Silk Flowers

We ran into friends of ours at the Menards and caught up in the parking lot before heading inside to look for fencing to protect my daffodils** from the landscapers. I’m worried they will pull them out of the ground before they bloom. We also looked for planters but there weren’t any on sale so we’ll hold off for now.

Our last stop was the produce market where we discovered their homemade chicken soup is awesome! I made rice later in the day to add to the soup so we could spread it out between two meals.

This morning I woke up to a very vocal woodpecker. When I peeked out the window I was shocked to see everything covered in snow with more coming down every minute. Ugh! I was hoping we were done with this bullshit. It’s spring for goodness sakes!

* Incidentally, I organized my tank top drawer this morning. Obsessed much? And those aren’t even the good tank tops I wear in the summer. I mainly wear the ones pictured here underneath shirts or to bed.

Tank Tops

** I should note that I have real daffodils planted outside. I realized later when re-reading this post that it sounded like I was talking about the fake daffodils I had just purchased!

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