April 2nd, 2015

I love hyacinth and decided last year I wanted to keep some on the patio. But I waited too late in the season and couldn’t find any. So I jumped at the chance last weekend when Home Depot was selling them. We immediately replanted them in a larger pot and were really digging how pretty they smelled.


It didn’t last. Despite keeping them by the window to get sun and also keeping the soil moderately moist, they started to droop. I kept trying to prop them up and basically decapitated one in the process. On top of that, their smell began to change to something more sickly sweet which made my stomach turn. Today when I got home I was so disgusted by the smell that I put them outside, cold weather be damned. They’re dying inside anyway, so what’s the difference?

Look how pathetic they are now, less than a week later.


That’s the last time I buy them so early in the season. Or maybe I should stick to cactus, although I’d probably kill those too.

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